1. Using the services of massage simultaneously implies that the client has read and accepted the terms of these regulations.

2. A client using the services of Oase Wellness Salon must be an adult.

3. Massage reservations are made by phone.

4. In the interest of high quality in the Oase Wellness Lounge, the client is required to arrive 5 min. before the appointed time to prepare for the massage.

5. Clients have the right to notify the staff if they are late for a massage.

6. The masseuse has the right to refuse a massage when the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaves inappropriately for the performed massage, the massage can end before time.

7. The client is obliged to pay the entire amount due for the massage before the massage is performed.

8. Callers from private numbers are asked for a contact number.

9. In a massage parlor, you must comply with the instructions of the staff.

10. For damage to the Wellness Oase property caused by the customer's actions, the customer shall be held fully financially responsible. 

11. The Salon is not responsible for items owned by the client left unattended, including lost or damaged items.

12. The following are forbidden on the premises of the salon: carrying and/or drinking alcohol, carrying devices recording sound or picture, using drugs or other intoxicants, trading and canvassing, loud and rude behaviour.

13. Any situation that may pose a health risk should be reported to management.

14. These regulations apply to the rules of using treatments in the Oase Wellness Salon.